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SmartGames are multi-level logic games that everyone can play! Our award winning games can be played alone, but are also great fun when played with family and friends!

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  1. Cube Puzzler GO
    Cube Puzzler GO

    Put your spatial insight, logic and deduction skills to work as you create colourful cubes. 

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  2. Cube Puzzler PRO
    Cube Puzzler PRO

    Can you build a 3D cube using the 6 puzzle pieces?

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  3. Goldmine

    Climb the ladders, find the gold! Can you help the dwarf find the gold? 

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  4. Asteroid Escape
    Asteroid Escape
    Your flying skills will be tested to the limit in order to escape! Learn More
  5. Squirrels Go Nuts!
    Squirrels Go Nuts!
    Help the squirrels get ready for winter! Can you move the squirrels around and hide their acorns underground? Learn More
  6. IQ Stars
    IQ Stars
    Are your brain skills out of this world? Can you place the 7 stellar puzzle pieces on the grid? Learn More
  7. IQ Focus
    IQ Focus

    Fit all the puzzle pieces onto the gameboard so that the colours of the 9 central squares match what is shown in the challenge.

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  8. Temple Connection Dragon Edition
    Temple Connection Dragon Edition
    Can you solve this ancient mystery and place the right roads and bridges on the board to create paths that connect the beautiful temples? Learn More
  9. Jump IN'
    Jump IN'

    Move the rabbits (jumping) and foxes (sliding) around the gameboard until all of the rabbits are safe in their burrows.

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Items 19-27 of 65

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