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  • 30 Seconds

    30 Seconds

    The Quick Thinking Fast Talking Game
    Players have just 30 seconds to describe five names on their chosen card, for their teammates to guess! Learn more...
  • Anti-Virus


    Put your mind to work and get rid of the red virus!
    Can you get rid of the virus in this “bio-logical” game? Anti-Virus is a sliding puzzle game with a new twist: tiles that only slide diagonally and can move in groups. Learn more...
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  • Asteroid Escape

    Asteroid Escape

    Navigate your spaceship through the asteroid field!
    Your flying skills will be tested to the limit in order to escape! Learn more...
  • Brain Cheeser

    Brain Cheeser

    A (w)hole lot of fun!
    This time you must put the mice in the cheese! Learn more...
  • Busy Bugs

    Busy Bugs

    Find the secret bug hideouts!
    Use your brain to discover the hideouts of the busy bugs! Learn more...
  • City Maze

    City Maze

    You have reached your destination!
    £12.99 £8.99
    Be your own GPS and navigate the city while guiding two travellers to their destination! Learn more...
  • Cube Duel

    Cube Duel

    Red vs yellow! Get on top!
    Can be played as a 1 or 2 player game.

    Develop your 3D building skills in the 1 player mode, or play head-to-head against one another! Learn more...

  • Cube Puzzler Go

    Cube Puzzler Go

    Can you build a 2D cube from the 7 colourful puzzle pieces?
    An eye-catching 2D game that will test your skills. Learn more...
  • Cube Puzzler Pro

    Cube Puzzler Pro

    Can you build a 3D cube from the 6 colourful puzzle pieces?
    An eye-catching 3D game that will test your skills. Learn more...
  • Dinosaurs – Mystic Islands

    Dinosaurs – Mystic Islands

    Use your brain to create a Jurassic habitat!
    Separate the plant-eating dinosaurs from the carnivores! Learn more...
  • IQ Blox

    IQ Blox

    Think out of the Blox!
    In IQ-Blox the walls don’t block; instead they help you find solutions. Learn more...
  • IQ Fit

    IQ Fit

    Keep your brain in shape!
    Fit all the 3D-puzzle pieces on the game board in such a way that it turns into a (flat) 2D-image. Learn more...
  • IQ Focus

    IQ Focus

    Focus on the central square!
    The next generation of IQ puzzle, compact and easy for travel! Learn more...
  • IQ Link

    IQ Link

    Can you find the missing link?
    Fit all puzzle pieces on the game board. But watch out! Learn more...
  • IQ Puzzler Pro

    IQ Puzzler Pro

    120 challenges in three playing modes!
    The next generation of IQ puzzles has arrived! Learn more...
  • IQ Stars

    IQ Stars

    Can you fit all the stars in the grid?
    Are your brain skills out of this world? Can you place the 7 stellar puzzle pieces on the grid? Learn more...
  • IQ Twist

    IQ Twist

    Twist your brain!
    Give you brain a spin in the right direction and put all the twisted playing pieces on the game board. Learn more...
  • Magic Forest

    Magic Forest

    Find the path & solve the mystery!
    Find the path to puzzling fun. Place the 9 tiles on the grid and make the right connections. Learn more...
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  • Noahs Ark

    Noahs Ark

    A great new magnetic travel game!
    Help Noah and put all his animals on the right spot in the Ark! Learn more...
  • Parking Puzzler

    Parking Puzzler

    Can you find all the right spots?
    Test your parking skills with the 60 challenges in Parking Puzzler! Learn more...
  • Penguins on Ice

    Penguins on Ice

    Use your mind to keep the penguins on ice!
    Can you pack the ice so that all tiles fit on the game board? Can you also make sure that all the penguins are in the right spot? Learn more...
  • Quadrillion


    Countless challenges and solutions… but can you find one?
    Place the four magnetic grids together and start playing. Learn more...
  • Roadblock


    Calling all units! Stop the escaping thief!
    A fugitive in a suspected stolen red sports car is heading east towards the city centre. He is thought to be armed and dangerous and he is refusing to stop. In RoadBlock, you are the chief inspector! Learn more...
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  • Squirrels Go Nuts!

    Squirrels Go Nuts!

    Winter is coming, so let’s go nuts!
    Help the squirrels get ready for winter! Can you move the squirrels around and hide their acorns underground? Learn more...
  • Temple Connection 'Dragon Edition'

    Temple Connection 'Dragon Edition'

    Build roads and bridges to link the temples!
    Build roads and bridges to link the temples! Learn more...
  • Temple Trap

    Temple Trap

    Escape the sliding maze!
    Arrange the walls and the stairs to create a path through the Temple...but in this maze the walls constantly shift! Learn more...
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  • Walls & Warriors

    Walls & Warriors

    Position the walls and protect your warriors!
    Brain power is needed to protect your castle in this exciting game. Learn more...
  • Waterworld


    An underwater puzzle adventure!
    Puzzle wise with this cool water adventure! Learn more...
  • Zig Zag Puzzler

    Zig Zag Puzzler

    Build a pyramid... or a zigzag!
    Zig Zag Puzzler is a 3D puzzle game with 2 playing modes. Learn more...

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